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Design supply and execution of building façade

01-  Design supply and execution of building façade

Efficiency of our specialized resources in Sazian Industrial group in design, production and supply of the most suitable building façade material including stone, composite, cement board etc. to apply the most modern building façade is considered as one of our unique capabilities.

01-  Pipes and Fittings

Sazian Industrial Group as one of the original suppliers of mechanical facilities such as galvanized and welded pipes and fittings (light and heavy), irrigation ( 5 layer & single layer) and sewerage pipes( Polika (pvc), push-fit and Polyethylene), has had outstanding activities at the service of large-scale national projects, commissioning and operation of building project for many years.


Electrical Panel and used materials

Sazian Industrial Group provides the clients with various services in design, manufacture, sales and mobilization of building electrical panels and related electrical equipment.

Heating and Cooling Systems

Sazian empowerment in presenting full plans for comprehensive heating and cooling system based on the latest and most optimized methods in order to increase the efficiency and decrease energy consumption including design, supply (chillers, splits, fan coils and HVAC equipment) plus execution management

Building Tower Crane

Importation of the world's modern building tower cranes in various models, particularly French (Potain) Tower Crane,

3D Panel, Dry Wall, AAC walls Production Machineries

Importation of various types of 3D Panel, Dry Wall, AAC walls production machineries under warranty and after-sales-services.

Internal and External Walls

Importation and production of modern building walls such as AAC light-weight blocks various types of dry walls along with implementing them with the highest quality.


Producing building studs in various sizes along with primer and ceramics in order to use in metal deck ceilings and exportations to Persian Gulf countries, Iraq and Syria.

Industrial and Building Bolts

Production and exportation of bolts with exclusive coatings of geomet is one of the greatest prides of this group,

Production of Aluminum Windows and UPVC


Supply and Installation of Aluminum and UPVC Windows

Production of double-walled door and window systems using the latest technology and different types of creditable local and international profiles along with execution guarantee is among Sazian’s specializations.

Security Doors and Buildings' Luxury Accessories

Importation of various types of security doors from Turkey and China and also chinaware from Turkey, Germany, Japan, and Italy. It should be noted that buildings' luxury accessories are purchased from mentioned countries and supplied according to the orders of our customers.

Building Elevators

All types of elevators and Escalators

Use of Sazian Industrial group from its specialized business unit, importation, supply, consultation, design and execution management for all types of elevators and escalators in order to provide the clients with security, safety and comfort by guaranteeing new services and efficient use of the latest world technology.

Galvanized Sheets and Their Forming

Importation of various types of galvanized sheets with variable thicknesses from China, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine

Industrial Wires (CHQ Wires)

Importation of various types of industrial wires (CHQ Wires) in order to produce industrial screws and bolts (hot and cold forges) constructional (hexa-bolts), studs (sectioning) metal deck ceilings from Netherlands, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and China.

Ironware for construction

Importation of various types of ST37, ST52 iron sheets with different thicknesses from Russia, South Korea and China, and delivery to different parts of the country.

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